nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Absurd beliefs

Tyler Cowan asks for your absurd beliefs:
What is your most absurd view? Comments are open. Yes your comment should be crazy but serious too. It should refer to a view which you actually hold, but many other smart people consider untenable and bizarre.

I've put some of mine in the comments there, but if you want to have this discussion in lj, here they are:

Open borders would be tremendously advantageous. Immigration restrictions will eventually be considered nearly as immoral as slavery is now.

People can't think clearly when they're being insulted. That's a major reason for being polite.

You can't predict much about the behavior of the people in a religion by studying their holy book(s). You'd do better to view the religion as a culture and study the people.

Fatness/leaness should be viewed mostly as individual variation rather than as a moral issue. There's a substantial range of fat percentages which are irrelevent to health. Most efforts to lose weight do not produce a net improvement in quality of life--that's why they fail.

Physical coordination can be improved.

Most people do more good than harm.

Most beliefs that the world is getting worse are actually nostalgia for when your knees didn't hurt.
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