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Shore Leave, Dexcon, new slogans

I'm going to be at Shore Leave July 9-11 in Baltimore and Dexcon July 14-18 in East Brunswick, NJ.

I'm looking for a room share at Shore Leave or preferably Sacred Space. If you've got space or know someone who does, please get back to me.

If you want custom buttons made up in advance, please let me know by Wednesday the 7th for Shore Leave or Monday the 12 for Dexcon.

Here are 11 new slogans, available from my site:

Birthdays are very important, so we need a Birthday Amendment. Gays should get less cake.

Cats are taoists. They know the way and are always in it.

Every engineer's goal is to retire without being blamed for a major catastrophe

Good housekeeping is an exact science. I'm into art.

I'm a child, not an idiot!

In database design, the only numbers are zero, one, and many. Sometimes one is a special case of many.

It's all about the pain. The tattoos and piercing jewelry are just souvenirs.

Rikki-tikki-tavi Club---run and find out

Shared pain is lessened. Shared joy is increased. You break even on puns.

Society for the Protection of Punctuation--an apostrophe does not mean BEWARE OF ONCOMING 'S'

We've tamed the lightning and taught sand to give error messages
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