nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

The mongrel vs. the government forms, or is geek a distinct human type?

"We note that on your history form you claim to be a mongrel," said the man in
the middle. "What makes you think you are a mongrel?" "That seems to be the
best available answer to an ill-defined question," I responded. We began an
exchange that was very much like my earlier discussion with the security
officer in the Defense Communications Agency. As before, I asked how they
identified various racial groups and how they classified people who were
mixtures of these "races."

The interrogators seemed to be taken aback at my asking them questions. They
asked why I was trying to make trouble. I asked them why they would not answer
my questions. When no answers were forthcoming, I finally pointed out that "It
is clear that you do not know how to determine the race of any given person, so
it is unreasonable for you to expect me to. I would now like to know what you
want from me."

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