nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Naked Lady Postcards

It looks as though social pressure is pulling in strongly opposite directions. Any
theories about what's going on?

Laurie says:

I’m still thinking about the dearth of naked lady post cards in my San Francisco search. There are some explanations out there (including the ones in the comments) but none of them feel conclusive.

Classic fine art nudes are not “hot” anymore, but Museums have lots of uninteresting post cards of classic paintings.

There is a lot less nudity in mainstream films then there used to be, but a lot more in advertising.

There is a strong conservative repressive movement in this country, but not in San Francisco.

Porn is common and easily available.

There are some people who believe that children should never see nude images, but then there’s advertising.

Museums are places where a low number of complaints might be very powerful.

Still, I don’t feel like I have an adequate explanation for the lack of naked lady postcards in Museums and art and book stores here. I’m really curious to know if this is a local or a national phenomenon. So, if any of you are in your local Museums etc., please check the post card section for them and let me know. If you feel like spreading the question around the blogosphere a little - that would be cool.


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