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fish oil for cats?

It looks as though fish oil is good for me. Might it be good for the cats (one with dry fur, one possibly depressed, one young and healthy who might as well get anything possibly useful and harmless)?

I've googled, but most of what I've found is commercial sites. What I want is either scientific studies or personal accounts on a site that isn't biased. I did see a couple of studies, but they were for specific skin conditions. There was also one statement that fish liver oil is a bad idea for cats--too much vitamin A.

Inventing past lives for the cats

Gillian is excellent at hypnosis/seduction. You can think "well, I'll just pet her for a moment" and ten minutes later, you're still petting her. She also seems to put more work into finding new ways of being cute than the average cat. In a past life, she was a courtesan.

Perse is a hedonist, even by cat standards. She seems to get more out of being petted or brushed than most--you get the upright vibrating ecstacy tail when you brush her. I think she's had a number of past lives as felines, and enjoyed all of them.

Ra is a cranky cat. suecochran describes him as melancholy. I suspect he doesn't like that "small enough to be picked up" thing and I believe he used to be the mayor of a small town. I've started calling him "Your Excellency" and reassuring him that he'll have his own town again some day. However, I wonder if I'll regret my offer to let him have the thumbs next time.

Cats, annoyingness, and individual style

I was complaining to one of my friends about Perse getting in the way when I work, and he said, "What do you expect? She's a cat."

However, it's not nearly that simple. Perse specializes in getting between me and my work, including pacing back and forth in front of the button press and shedding hairs on the button plastics so that they get into the buttons and I have to take the button apart and remake it. That last is not always entirely her fault--sometimes I'm tempted to pet her, and she sheds a lot.

Sometimes, she just sits back and watches--she's inspired the button slogan "Supervised by a cat".

Ra is in charge of nagging me about dry food, water, and litter boxes. Dry food and water are always available, but he worries if they're running low. The litter boxes are shoveled every couple of days, but he doesn't use them reliably--if I'm lucky, I'll be notified when he wants his plastic bag by the front door changed. He's also pretty good at getting underfoot after he's insisted that I have to go somewhere to deal with something.

Gillian is in charge of nagging about canned cat food (sometimes aided by Perse--in that case, it's the Tortie Conspiracy), and she takes over the middle of sleeping surfaces. Fortunately, she's smallish and somewhat cooperative, and rarely needs to be moved more than twice. I think I've convinced her not to whisker me when I'm falling asleep. ("Gillian, the whiskers stay on the cat face, not the people face.")

So, I suppose that "she's a cat" explains that a cat will do something irritating, but it doesn't explain any particular thing. And I swear that Perse is the only one that loves getting in the way for its own sweet sake.