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More new slogans

Be the change you wish to make in the world

Being abducted and probed by aliens wasn't bad enough, now I find out my HMO won't cover it!

Only the heir to the Kingdom of Idiots would fight a war on twelve fronts


P.T. Barnum lived before the population explosion

Religion isn't the opium of the people any more--it's speed

The Republican Party: Speaking power to truth

Warning: I argue politics and I take no prisoners

When squid summon demons, they use a ten-pointed star---that's right, a tentacle

When you're in a hole, stop digging

Buttons at Lunacon and new slogans

I'll be at Lunacon--there'll be these new slogans plus the big batch I put up in January. I can update my website now, so all the new slogans are there, too.

____Your hair is gray. MINE is silver.
____Books. Cats. Life is good.
____Have I talked to you about my parrot in the past five minutes?
____Owned by a parrot
____Happiness is biting your parrot back
____If you don't talk to your cat about catnip, who will?
____Gay marriage--haven't they suffered enough?
____Gay marriage--haven't we suffered enough?
____I'm the most expensive thing you'll ever think you got for free
____10 HEADDESK, 20 GOTO 10, 30 END
____First Rule of Night Ops: There is no Night Ops. Second Rule of Night Ops: What happens in Night Ops, stays in Night Ops.
____I'm not pompous. I'm pedantic. Let me explain it to you.
____Change is inevitable. Exact change is appreciated.
____Belly-dancing--the most fun you can have with (half) your clothes on!

Thanks to wolfdancer for the parrot slogans.

If you'd like to order buttons for delivery at Lunacon, please get me the order by Wednesday. If I get the order Thursday, I'll try, but I'm not making any promises.

Arisia, hurt knee

I'll be selling buttons a hotel room by the elevator on the same floor as the con suite--the same place that I've had for the past couple of years.

The big news is that not only will I have 1" buttons, I've gotten my own press, and I'll be able to do custom little buttons.

New slogans on standard-sized buttons

Never get involved in a land war in Asia

Aikido--the Asian art of people-folding

The heck with the Joneses--I'm trying to keep up with the Jetsons

I ate a Death by Chocolate. It only made me stronger

If you friend me, do I not read?

It really does say Adam and Steve. That's what you get for depending on translations.

Minesweeper Consultant, Solitaire Expert (capital letters heavily emphasized)

My idea of heaven is a library with dim sum service

My two favorite colors are "Ooooh" and "SHINY!"

There's no place like ~

Drag God into politics, and you've ruined His reputation before you know it

Gay marriage...haven't they suffered enough?

Gay marriage...haven't they suffered enough?

It was in tune when I bought it

What did you do to the cat? It looks half dead. ---Schrodinger's wife

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Interrogative

I believe in gravity. It's always let me down.

Murphy never sleeps, but that's no reason to poke him with a sharp stick


You are what you eat, so stay away from the jerk chicken

You can't make an Omelas without breaking eggs

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

Been there, done that, reformatted the hard drive

The Clarke-Sturgeon Law: 90% of any suffi

Everything is more complicated than it looks. Biology is more like
everything than anything else is.

I'd rather be coding

I'm awfully busy. Do you mind if I ignore you later?

"Knock, knock." "Who's there?" "Control freak. Say, 'Control freak who?' "

Music is enough for life, but one life is never enough for music

My name is "No! No! Bad Kitty!". What's yours?

My hair is this color because I ate paint chips as a child

Political skill in the absence of statesmanship is the first act of a tragedy

Proud Member of the Reality Based Community--seeking answers through judicious study of discernable reality

Tact is for people who aren't witty enough for sarcasm

There are only two ways to go. One is neither right nor wrong and the other one isn't.

What's Klingon for "Who would bother to learn a made-up language like Elvish?"

You don't need to look at my chest. These aren't the breasts you're looking for. Move along.

And there may be more, not to mention new little button slogans, but I fell and twisted my knee on some ice yesterday, so last minute things are getting done slowly or not at all.

Here's the advice I've gotten and have been doing: rest, ice, ibuproferin, elevationl. I've been meditating at it and moving the ankle around. I've also been told that spicy food is especially protective against ibuproferin stomach upset, but I haven't needed it. I may eat some for the fun of it, though.

I'm not in much pain, but the swelling gets in the way a lot, and my feeling is that I should mostly be keeping the leg elevated, which means not getting much else done. Any further advice?

Hope to be seeing many of you at Arisia.

New slogans for worldcon (not keyboard safe, I hope)

I'll be at tables E09, E10.


Don't give the GM any ideas

The email of the species is deadlier than the mail

Go away or I will replace you with a very small shell script

God said to Noah, "On your ark, get set, go!"

I write code so you don't have to

If you're punctual, no one else is there to appreciate it

I'm blogging this

I'm willing to make the mistakes if someone else is willing to learn from them

I've gotta be me--everyone else is already taken

LiveJournal....because too much information is never enough

LiveJournal--because you can't masturbate ALL the time

A million votes here, a million votes there, pretty soon you're talking about real politics

The morning people won because the night people didn't stay up late enough to fight them

No, I will not fix your computer

Real Dungeons and Dragons players don't play D20

Rule 1) Is it plugged in? Rule 2) No, really. Is it plugged in? 3) Seriously, get on the floor and check. Is it really plugged in? Rule 4) Now, what about the switch on the back?

Telepathy--because a bad song shouldn't be stuck in just one head

There's no place like

The trouble with having an open mind is not knowing what might crawl in when you're not looking

What kind of car does God drive? A Plymouth. "For He drove them out of the garden in His Fury."

yip yip yip yip yap yap yip *BANG* NO TERRIER

If my packages arrive in time, I'll also have little buttons and some new bumpersticker slogans.

If you already know what you want, please order your buttons in advance (by early Tuesday) and I'll have them for you at the convention. nancybuttons.com

Shore Leave, Dexcon, new slogans

I'm going to be at Shore Leave July 9-11 in Baltimore and Dexcon July 14-18 in East Brunswick, NJ.

I'm looking for a room share at Shore Leave or preferably Sacred Space. If you've got space or know someone who does, please get back to me.

If you want custom buttons made up in advance, please let me know by Wednesday the 7th for Shore Leave or Monday the 12 for Dexcon.

Here are 11 new slogans, available from my site:

Birthdays are very important, so we need a Birthday Amendment. Gays should get less cake.

Cats are taoists. They know the way and are always in it.

Every engineer's goal is to retire without being blamed for a major catastrophe

Good housekeeping is an exact science. I'm into art.

I'm a child, not an idiot!

In database design, the only numbers are zero, one, and many. Sometimes one is a special case of many.

It's all about the pain. The tattoos and piercing jewelry are just souvenirs.

Rikki-tikki-tavi Club---run and find out

Shared pain is lessened. Shared joy is increased. You break even on puns.

Society for the Protection of Punctuation--an apostrophe does not mean BEWARE OF ONCOMING 'S'

We've tamed the lightning and taught sand to give error messages

Buttons at Balticon and some odds and ends

I'll be selling at Balticon. If you send me button orders by next Wednesday, I'll do them in advance.

You can reach me at nancy at netaxs dot com or through nancybuttons.com.

Any good one-liners that sufficiently curse out spammers? Not content with damaging any on-line conversation which isn't guarded against them, they've gone on to making email bounce messages less useful.

New slogans:

Dating soon. Accepting applications.

Humanists do it with people.

I went to Iraq, and all I got was this lousy gas price

If all you have is silver bullets, everything looks like a werewolf.

Lucifer was pushed!

Renaissance is feudal. Prepare to be anachronated.


When I was your age, Michael Jackson was black.

Does anyone have one-liners for scrapbooking? So far, I've got

Scrapbooking: God's way of telling you that you have too much money

I'm acid free and preserved for eternity

Scrapbooks aren't expensive....they're PRICELESS

I'd rather scrap than fight

Don't worry, be scrap happy